Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pin-stripping the RV

I got to see Jim’s pin-stripping talents as he outlined the “swishes” on the fifth-wheel after spending most of last week peeling off the badly cracked swishes that had developed on our rig.  He said the hardest part was getting off the glue from the swishes.  After trying acetone (recommended on YouTube) he found Goo-Be- Gone did the trick. 

Here is what it looked like before with the decals peeling off from exposure to the sun.


Heartland RV doesn’t have any of the “Landmark” model decals available.  So we went to a local graphic company and they are charging us $38 each for three 54 inch decals to complete the look.

Jim used the pin-stripping because, again, Heartland didn’t have all the swishes we needed to replace, so he went with gold pin-stripping outline to disguise the two-tone white coloration.  Inside the swishes now carry a blue tint….interesting.

Pinstripping (2) pinstripping

Pinstripping (1)

Jim ordered six more rolls of pin stripping to complete the job.  The logo decals won’t be ready before we leave, so Jim will put those on later. 

I think this has been a good, inexpensive solution to the problem.  What do you think of it?

Remember, you are loved.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Finished Inventory

I went in to the library yesterday morning and finished up the inventory, scanning the music CD section.  That completes everything.  Yippee!

I then tried to update the maps on our TomTom GPS but got an error code that “the device does not have enough memory to update your maps”.  So I typed in a question to support and followed the instructions and tried again.  THEN I got the error code that I don’t have ANY maps on my device”.  UGH!!!  So today I’ll go back to the library and follow new instructions for “no maps on device”.  I want to do this at the library so I could use their wifi and not use up my data. 

Then it was off to the laundromat to do two weeks of laundry…ugh!

Since it is hunting season here I stopped by Walmart to buy some neon orange tee shirts to wear during our parking duties at the Escapade next March.  Found a couple two-pack tee shirts that will fit the bill….and they were on clearance to boot.

Later Heinz came over to give his “thumbs up” to the pin-stripping idea and we made arrangements to go out to one last dinner together before we leave.

That was my day….how did you do?

Remember, you are loved.