Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Salai's visit

The last two weeks I’ve been volunteering daily at the library, working on projects that will help them out.  I really enjoy working on a project that needs to be done, but that no one wants to do.  Usually it is because it is tedious or stupidly repetitive…that’s my kind of fun.  I usually volunteer for a few weeks in the spring when we arrive and again in the fall before we leave for the year.  

Plus I spend all day with my buddy, Salia.  We bring items to make a salad which we sometimes eat in the adjacent park or at our desks if the weather is iffy. Once a week we go out lunch to one of the many independent restaurants we have here in Alamosa.

Sunday Salai came to knit with me.  She brought over a couple of large skeins of yarn and used my swift and ball winder to cake “yarn cakes” that is used to knit (think of a ball of yarn in beautiful mixed colors).

Come dinner time my wonderful husband grilled some ribs…Salai’s favorite (think of previous photos of Jim's tender and juicy ribs).

We all had a very enjoyable day together…dinner was so good!

Remember, you are loved.
(Not as interesting without the photos)

Problem with Live Writer

Seems like there are problems with Live Writer, which many of us use to create our blog posts.  Our blogs will not publish.  So we have to resort to using Blogger itself to write and publish our blog posts.  Biggest pain in the A** is inserting photos into is not a smooth operation as with Live Writer.  So for how ever long it takes Live Writer to fix it's problems, I'll be blogging only photos...

Remember, you are still loved