Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New RVillage Friends

We are members of RVillage and have used it to connect to other members who might be in our area, which is why it was created. 

Through RVillage we found Pat yesterday who is staying here at Mesa Regal.  Pat is a workamper here working in the bar/restaurant by the pool. After she got off work yesterday she joined Angela, Kenny and us for happy hour.

PatTallonKenny and Angela Harper

You’ll remember I wrote about meeting blog readers, Kenny and Angela…they are staying nearby at Val Vista another Cal-Am Resort.  Both just started working for local businesses.  I’m going to wait until all three of them have a set work schedule and then I’ll set up a RVillage Get-Together and see if other members at Mesa Regal will come so we can make more friends. 

One of the difficulties of coming to a park/resort like this is meeting people.  This place is mainly park model owners and they already have their circle of friends established, so it is hard to join their circle. I’ve joined the zumba group and knitting/crochet group so I can meet more of the regulars here and maybe make friends.  I also went to the local yarn shop community knitting gathering last Friday to try and meet others. It’s an on-going venture.

Remember, you are loved.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Oyster Bar

Yesterday we had a fun time when we went to Mesa-Buckhorn Elks Club.  This lodge building is two years old and it was done very well.



Inside they have a separate restaurant open every day, a large bar and dining area. 

DSCN4510 DSCN4511

Yesterday we went for their oyster bar.  Twice a year they bring in bags of oysters and sell them for $1.25 each. 


They offer oysters Rockefeller, raw or steamed.  They were very good (but not as good as oysters at Shucks in Abbeville, LA).  We shared 18 oysters – some of each.  Sorry the photo is so bad, but I forgot to change the setting to “food”.

Remember, you are loved.