Friday, October 24, 2014

Trip to Ikea

Finally after “forever” we were in an area that had an Ikea.  There is one in nearby Tempe so off we went.


I’ve heard a lot about Ikea…their 99 cent breakfasts, good restaurant, taking bunches of pencils (huh???), getting lost inside cause so big and having to assemble everything.

Once inside we proceeded to the restaurant for breakfast.  Jim had the 99 cent special of scrambled eggs, sausage and potatoes that he said was very good.  I had to splurge on the thin-sliced smoked salmon plate with mixed root vegetables for $4.99.  It was delicious!!!


Everything at the restaurant was so clean, sleek and stylish.  We looked at some of the menu suggestions and the prices are very inexpensive.  When we go back we’ll have lunch so we can try the meatballs.  I also want to buy their chocolate and jam.

We walked through the enormous show floor and checked out all the mini rooms of furniture.  I was impressed.  I’ve always like Danish and Scandinavian furniture…you know, the clean sleek lines without a lot of fuss added, so Ikea style furniture fits me.  Now Jim, on the other hand, prefers the more traditional style.  We are trying to meet in the middle by going contemporary.  So many of the Ikea pieces suit us both.  I took a map and one of those cherished pencils and wrote down a few stock numbers for future use. 

Yup, it’s a big show floor.  Luckily they have arrows painted on the floor to navigate by or we’d never had gotten out of there.  At the end you go down stairs and end up on the bottom floor with huge metal racks full of flat boxes ready for you to pick out, purchased and go home to assemble.

We walked around that place for 2 1/2 hours!!!  I was ready to go home and put my feet up.  But it was a fun experience.  We’ll definitely go back when we get a condo.

Remember, you are loved.
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

New RVillage Friends

We are members of RVillage and have used it to connect to other members who might be in our area, which is why it was created. 

Through RVillage we found Pat yesterday who is staying here at Mesa Regal.  Pat is a workamper here working in the bar/restaurant by the pool. After she got off work yesterday she joined Angela, Kenny and us for happy hour.

PatTallonKenny and Angela Harper

You’ll remember I wrote about meeting blog readers, Kenny and Angela…they are staying nearby at Val Vista another Cal-Am Resort.  Both just started working for local businesses.  I’m going to wait until all three of them have a set work schedule and then I’ll set up a RVillage Get-Together and see if other members at Mesa Regal will come so we can make more friends. 

One of the difficulties of coming to a park/resort like this is meeting people.  This place is mainly park model owners and they already have their circle of friends established, so it is hard to join their circle. I’ve joined the zumba group and knitting/crochet group so I can meet more of the regulars here and maybe make friends.  I also went to the local yarn shop community knitting gathering last Friday to try and meet others. It’s an on-going venture.

Remember, you are loved.